Why does Dosco Jones make sense?

I read somewhere about a study where 70% of men declared to “feel uncomfortable with their underwear at least once a day”, and 90% of them admitted to “re-adjusting to increase underwear comfort levels”. 

I myself used to suffer from this issue, until I decided to come up with a solution... Why not redesign the concept of underwear? 
Why not make it really comfortable and snug?

If you’re like the majority of men out there then there’s a good chance you daily re-adjust your underwear or intimates in public. The average Joe does it 10x a day, whether it’s right after that long & boring accounting meeting or when your hot office colleague smiles at you blatantly, every Friday morning...



What kind of example are we setting for the fairer sex? 

Dosco Jones has a unique design with a snug pouch to hold your precious ones in place, and stop that chafing and itchy feeling. If you've ever touched your precious ones in public (and we all know you have), then you should definitely pay attention.

Its’ ironic that one of the most intimate problems men have is in fact so public. Our underwear comfort, or lack of it, is undermining our public image and reputation and most men don’t even realize it.

It's never too late to try something new...

"It's the small changes that have the greatest impact"

Order your Dosco Jones pair now and start being comfortable.

Yours Truly,

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