Why Dosco Jones

Why did we create Dosco Jones?

Why create an underwear brand in a market dominated by huge international fashion players?


Because NONE of those brands really cares for you: the men they are supposed to serve.


Of course they come out with nice patterns and colours every now and then but at the same time they have never focused on improving the comfort of men, when using their underwear.


Nor have they said that it is unnatural and unhealthy to have your junk too tight and close to your legs. It’s not supposed to do that!


So the founders at Dosco Jones came up with a simple design that revolutionizes the way you feel when your using underwear.


We handcrafted underwear that is built to serve the comfort of a man.


By creating a breathable barrier between your junk and your legs, our boxer shorts are medically proven to keep your junk separated from your body, as it was always designed to do.


Better design, less sweating, less chafing, amazing comfort, more opportunities to be a MAN.


So you have a decision: keep giving your money to the fashion giants, who don’t really give a f…. that you’re a MAN?


Dosco Jones. Fit for real Man.
Dosco Jones Founders are Frederico & Guilherme. You can find us at fbarreto@doscojones.org and gbarreto@doscojones.org